Esteem Hooded Scarf Quandary

Hi! I’m new to the forums but not too terribly new to knitting. Mostly I knit toys so I haven’t had any problems but I recently decided to try something I could actually wear.

Well, I’ve always wanted a hooded scarf, and what’s cooler than one you’ve made yourself!? I had never really attempted something with a lace pattern, so I went for theEsteem - hooded scarf on Knitty. I started knitting. But for a mellow pattern, it is giving me quite a lot of problems. First, the lace pattern is 8 stitches wide. It says to cast on 22 stitches. There is a 1 stitch border, so that’s 20 stitches for the patter. 20 is not divisible by 8? So Am I supposed to do, like, 8, 8, 4 then on the next row 4, 8, 8? Or something else?

Also, I’m having problems knitting into the double yarn over. It gives you a hint, but I still feel like I’m missing something as I end up with a huge length of yarn that I can only manage to unravel and get one stitch on.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Oh, and also: I have already found the help thread here that says that the lace pattern row 1 is a wrong side row.

Thanks, again!

You have 2 sts on each edge that are the border and the pattern repeat is 6 sts, not 8.

It’s a very confusing chart, the text says Row 1 is a RS row, but usually when the numbers are on the left it makes it a WS row. If a RS row, R 1 is p2, (k4, p2), repeat and end with p2. You don’t count the end boxes, those are just for putting the numbers in. The YOs on row 2 aren’t counted as a stitch until you finish the row and they’re offset by decs, so the stitch number doesn’t change.

Knitting into the double YO on the next row, purl into the first loop of it and ktbl on the 2nd loop.

I would contact the designer and ask for clarification on the RS/WS thing, though.

Good answer.

So basically the pattern is:

Row 1: Slip Purlwise, k2, (p4, k2) P1
Row 2: Slip Knitwise, p2, (k2tog, yo2, ssk, p2), k1
Row 3: Slip Purlwise, k2, (p2, ktbl, p1, k2) P1
Row 4: Slip knitwise, p2, (yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, p2) k1


Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

In this pattern it makes sense after all that the even numbered rows are the RS; YOs are usually made on the RS and they appear on rows 2 and 4.

Beyond that, I’m not going to comment on whether you have it right, because… I don’t know. The chart would appear to have a stitch on the very ends but that’s also where the row numbers appear, and usually, they’re outside the chart, not a part of it. So that’s confusing to me. Also, it’s not clear whether the selvedge sts are included in the chart, or not and the way you’ve written it is with 1 slipped st, then go into the chart, which I’m not sure is right. And the boxes with the dots in them are purled on the RS, knit on the WS and you have them opposite… if row 1 is the WS.

This seems to be a very unclear pattern to me, and I’d still contact the designer for clarification.

Sue, this is a weirdly written pattern but I think what PurpleInk came up with is right. I took the time to knit up 2 swatches one with row 1 as the RS which the instructions say is correct and one with row 2 as the RS which makes the most practical sense from the chart. It turns out that both samples look identical. But to me it makes better sense to make the yos and work togethers on the right side than on the wrong side so I agree with PurpleInk.

It is weird that the pattern says to work the k2togs and SSKs as P2togs and P2togstbl when worked on the wrong side. With a 4 row repeat they are all going to fall on the same side all the time so why state something that doesn’t apply. From my experiments it looks the same if you do the fancy rows always on the RS as Ks or always on the WS as Ps.

With 22 sts you have 1 selvage stitch on each side that it tells you what to do with in one place and then the chart is written so that there are 8 stitches but only 6 of them are repeated and that works out over 22 sts. 1edge stitch, 2Ps then the 6 st repeat for 3 times making 18 stitches and the other 1edge stitch. So I think PurpleInk has figured it out correctly.

I do wonder that it is so poorly written. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think so since it works the same way making either row 1 or row 2 RS. You’re just doing the stitch for 58 inches and then pick up on the right side to do the other part. Odd pattern.

It is weird that the pattern says to work the k2togs and SSKs as P2togs and P2togstbl when worked on the wrong side.

That’s normal - a p2tog is the same as a k2tog, though p2togtbl is the same as k2tog tbl on the RS; I’d ignore that and do it as ssp and then it’s the same as ssk. However, she said she used a universal charting program, and evidently didn’t edit the key which is standard for those patterns that [B]do[/B] have those decs on both sides.

I think that’s why it’s difficult to understand; she must have put the written text into the program to make a chart, but didn’t really try to knit from it or have some test knitters try it out.