Error in unravelling knitting - help!

Hi everyone. I’m doing my first knitting project and unfortunately I snapped a needle towards the end of completing the front and the knitting fell off. I rescued it, but I had to unravel a few rows to where it was plain stockinette stitch because I couldn’t work out how to put it back on the needle on the row that was K2, yarn over. It’s all back on new, non-snapped needles but I’ve done something wrong and I can’t work out what / how to fix it. There are places where the yarn is in additional big loops across the back. That’s not a good description at all so I’ve taken a photo so you can see what I mean. Can anyone tell me what I’ve done / how to fix it? I’ve tried googling but I can’t find anything because I don’t really know what this particular mistake is called!

I’m a new knitter and I’d really appreciate the help! Thanks all in advance!!


Welcome to KH. I put your image in this post so people don’t have to download it. I hope you don’t mind.

I expect someone can tell you what the problem is. Because it’s not clear to me what happened I would tink (knit spelled backwards means to unknit one stitch at a time) the row on the needle and redo it. I often pick up a row and then tink back.

Fixing Mistakes - Unknit (Tink)

Hi, thanks for pasting the image in!

I’ve tried ‘thinking’ (thanks - I’ve learned a new word!) for a few rows but the problem persists unfortunately, it just goes onto the next row down :scream:

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I agree with GG. It does look like tinking one more row will remove that long loop under your finger.
As an alternative, you could knit over to the loop then pull it through the sts marked in red which don’t seem to have been knit on the current row.

It may be a little loose to begin with but you can distribute the extra yarn along the row by giving it a bit of a tug.
I can’t see where the strand marked in blue is going.

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As salmonmac has said and marked out, there are stitches which haven’t been knit with that loop. The stutch in the needle is from the row below, it’s great you have caught it. The stitch new the blue mark looks like it might be from 2 rows below.

If you start at the end of the row and carefully track the yarn which forms each stitch it should lock in the stutch below and then lock over the needle, when you really inspect the route of the yarn this way you should be able to spot the stitches which are currently unworked and find any others along the row. Mark them with a lockable stitch marker or safety pin or a piece or scrap yarn before trying to fix any.
Once they are marked you should be able tomslip stitches onto another needle u til you get to one that needs fixing. I recommend a crotchet hook if you have one to draw the yarn through.

After, when you return the stitches to the correct needle check they are all mounted correctly with the left leg behind and the right leg in front.

Thanks SO much @salmonmac @GrumpyGramma @Creations !!

Your advice really helped and I’ve now solved the problem. I’ve now annoyingly run out of yarn about 3 rows before the end, but at least this is a problem I can solve!!


You have run the gamut of problems with this knitting and come out the winner. I hope it’s all easy going from now on. Have fun and post a photo when you finish!