Error in pouch edge of Wallaby

AS a great many of you know, the edges of the Wallaby pouch are down in garter stitch. Unfortunately, I missed knitting the first 5 stitches in a purl row, and did not even notice it until I had completely finished he sweater. Is there any way I can correct this? Obviously I have NO intention of frogging the entire thing, since it is for my dgd who will be visiting next weekend.

I can add a pix if that will help.

I don’t think there is anything you can do once it’s all done other than frogging part of it. You COULD go over it with yarn in a duplicate stitch fashion to simulate the look of a purl if it bothers you that much though.

I have a little glitch in the pouch of mine as well. I made my son put it on (well what is done since I can’t figure out the sleeves) and stand back. It really isn’t noticable if you aren’t looking for it. So I am leaving it. I didn’t notice it until I was starting to attach the sleeves. Congrats on getting it finished though. I still trying to figure out how the sleeves go on so I can finish it. It is my first big project.

I was afraid of that, but figured it was worth a shot, with all these experts here. I had not thought of duplicate stitch, and think I will try that. That I can easily remove if it makes it too thick or something. Thanks again, Jan.