Error in pattern Karolin by Lisa Richardson

Has anyone knitted karolin . My sleeve does not resemble the pattern piece described , is there an error ?

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Is this the pattern?

I don’t see any errors noted in the projects so far. Can you post a photo or decribe what is happening to your sleeve?

Yes that’s the one :grin:

It really looks lovely. What are the instructions for the sleeve cap before the saddle shoulder, the area circled here:

It should be something like bind off x sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows.



But it doesn’t look like this. I have seen together now the cast off edge grafts to the front cast off shoulder edge . It just pokes a bit .

You should be casting off on either side of the saddle for the shoulder. Then you can seam the saddle to the front and back like this:

You can post the directions from the top of the sleeve cap if you wish (where you bound off the circled sts in my post). We can’t post large portions of patterns here but that should be ok.

Thank you for your patience . I am aware of how it should go together and look

The pattern says bind off 11 st which amounts to about 3.5 cms but only on one side only Then continue on 32 st

See attachment

Yes, it looks like you followed the directions perfectly but this is where I think there is a mistake. According to the schematic, the top of the sleeve should be symmetrical and these directions don’t say that. What’s missing is the cast off of an additional 11sts on the row after the first cast off of 11. See this project photo. You can almost count sts in the shoulder strap and it’s closer to 20-21 rather than 32sts.

One thing to do is to contact the designer or write to Rowan giving the magazine issue number and pattern details.

Thank you I’m just glad I’m not going mad :grin::grin:

I will do that . I hav nt done a shoulder strap design befor but now I know what to expect .

A big thank you who ever you are x x

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