Error in hoodie scarf pattern?

I just love this pattern and so I started on it this evening! :slight_smile:

But I’m wondering if I misunderstand the directions, or if there is an error.

It says to cast on 26 stitches twice, from two different skeins, onto a circ needle so you can work both scarves at once.

I have opted to just use straight needles and do one side at a time, until they’re both the required length, then I will put them both on a circ and do the hood.

Anyway… it says that the first 6 rows should look like this :

k1, p3, k3, p3, k6, p3, k3, p3, k1

But, since I’m knitting flat… shouldn’t the instructions be reversed for the even numbered rows? Shouldn’t row 2 be P1, K3, P3, K3, P6, K3, P3, K3, K1 (basically, knit the knit stitches and purl the purl until a cabling row comes up)?

Can someone take a look at the pattern and tell me what they think? Maybe I missed something,a nd this pattern is somehow worked in the round from the very beginning, or something?

Just because you are working with a circular needle does not necessarily mean that you are working in the round. A circular needle can be used to knit flat as well, which is what this pattern is asking you to do although it doesn’t say that in so many words. A clue would be that it doesn’t tell you to ‘join in the round’ or anything like that.

So no, the stitch pattern does not need to be reversed, because you are working flat, back and forth. In fact, you can use straight needles and still work both scarves at the same time if you like, but you don’t have to if it’s easier to work one at a time.

Actually, just looking at the pattern a bit more closely, I think that this whole pattern is knit flat so you do not need to use a circular needle at all if you prefer not to.

I think I see what your concern is. I suspect that the pattern doesn’t reverse the stitches as you’d expect for the edging. It does later on for the cabled part, so maybe the stitch pattern is just different, rather than ribbed.


If the pattern is knit flat, then those directions really don’t make sense to me.

In order to get the 6 stitch stockinette pattern in the middle, don’t I need to knit one side and purl the other?

If that’s the case I think the pattern has an error because it tells me to knit those 6 stitches for the first 6 rows… and it should be the opposite for every even-numbered row… right?

She has the even-numbered rows reversed further down in the pattern, where she has us doing the cabling…

I think I will contact her and let her know there might be an error. When I don’t follow the directions for the first six rows, and I knit the knits and purl the purls, it turns out looking like what I would expect.

Just to clarify, she has the first six rows’ instructions ABOVE where she says “Row 1:” for the left scarf. Row 1 is actually, like, row 7 of the whole scarf, if that makes sense. When I first glanced at the document, I saw Row 1 and figured I should start there (yeah, I have already frogged this a couple of times, LOL).

Yes, I see that, but I wonder if those first 6 rows form a bit of a contrast end to the scarves, kind of like a border? It would produce a bit of a ‘seed stitch’ type thing where you are knitting the knits and purling the purls, but that type of stitch lies VERY flat, doesn’t curl or pull in at all, and I imagine it would probably be a nice effect. To me, it seems that it is printed as intended, especially since that first instruction is written completely seperate from the rest. No harm in contacting the designer though, just to be sure.

Ooh, that is a good point.

I have e-mailed her, hopefully she will e-mail back soon, I am really anxious to start on this hoodie, I just love it!

I’m so excited to start it, I am using run-on sentences! LOL

Knitqueen said what I was saying, but better. It could be just a different edge rather than start out with the cable pattern, or it could just be an error. Too bad the picture doesn’t show it.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - it’s my pet peeve when photos of knitted items are so lovely and artistic but don’t show what you need it to show :shrug: . Hope you get it figured out!! And ya know, if you don’t hear back from them I’d say just try it out both ways, see what you like best, and go with it. It is only 6 rows, after all.

I’m glad you’re making this actually, because it kind of got my interest a bit. My winter coat doesn’t have a hood and I’m really not into hats, maybe this would be just the thing for me!

I had the same thought! :rofl: I tend to put my scarf up over my head when I’m standing outside anyway. I’m sure I have yarn for it. :teehee: Printing it out as we speak!

YAY!!! Ingrid, I’m sure I have worsted yarn for it too!! :teehee:

Heard anything yet, Kristi?

I haven’t heard back from her yet…

I am a slow knitter, so once I get started it will take me a while to finish it. :slight_smile:

I have been planning on making this hoodie scarf too! Just haven’t decided if I’m going to use the recommended yarn or not. Maybe we should have a knitalong for this one!

I think a knit along is a great idea! I don’t know that I’d every use the recommended yarn though, I’ve gone off cotton - at least for now, I find it too challenging to work with.

I think a knitalong is a wonderful idea! There seem to be several knitters who want to make this.

I think that cotton looks great in the pictures, but if it was me knitting, the cotton would not look that great. :slight_smile: So, I’ll definitely be using something different.

This Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk is not too cooperative, so I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to try to use it. Plus I only have 5 balls of it.

I’ll start the knit along, if that’s okay! :muah:

i signed up!