Ernie hangs a hat

Here’s a great article about a crocheter who makes hats for people who need them and hangs them up all over town. I had to share this one. It warms your heart and restores your faith that there are still some good people out there.

Guerilla Kindness! May the kindness he shows to others be returned to him.

Thanks for sharing.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Ohhhh, how awesome is that!!! Pay it forward…[/SIZE][/FONT]

What a great story!

some people judge others and it is quite a shame. I even find myself on occasion doing it. I am very glad I read John Grishams " The Street Lawyer". It helped me to understand those who are homeless. Many of the homeless have a mental illness, or addiction. I have a close family member in this predicament and it is heart breaking. They don’t often approach their family for help as some are deeply ashamed of their live style. Many of us have tried a drug a time or 2 and most of us decide to leave it alone. There are those though that have terrible issues and decide to take something to help cope. Unfortunately they become addicted and don’t have the strength to over come it. I am a nurse and sadly have witnessed some medical professionals treating people with such disrespect it is no wonder the addict has low self esteem. They feel terrible and when mistreated, their self worth plummets even more. We don’t know what has taken place in the lives of these people so we should, instead of judge,help them to understand that they are valuable human beings worthy of love. They may then feel a bit more self worth to try to overcome their addiction. The fellow who crochets the hats is such a wonderful guy.

That’s awesome! My daughter lives in DC and I’ve thought about making hats and passing them out to the homeless there while I’m walking around. That’s such a nice thing for him to do. :thumbsup:

There’s the old expression: Bloom where you are planted. I’ve knit mittens when it was cold and given them away to people who needed them while riding the bus to work. I’ve also knit a few things and dropped them off at my local elementary school for kids who don’t have any. I wish I could do more. I’m only one person, but every little bit helps.

The best times to give these away to schools are when there’s a sharp temperature drop and the first thing in the morning on the day of a big snow storm. Another critical time is early in fall when it starts to get cold out. I see a lot of kids walking to and from school with no jackets, hats, or mittens. Sometimes parents can’t afford it for their kids. Sometimes you get busy working and don’t have time to pick those things up. I know I sometimes forget about winter gear until I’m caught out without them. Sometimes these things are out of season. Did you ever try to buy gloves when swim suits are out in January? Just two weeks ago I tried to buy a sweat shirt when the weather turned a little chilly. Out of luck. Now is the perfect time to knit or crochet a few items. A hat or mittens is a perfect small project to tuck in your bag to work on while waiting for appointments. My bus takes 45 minutes for me to get home after work. I’m amazed at the number of things I’ve been able to get done this way a little at a time. Think Christmas,too.

it is great that you help others.

Yes, I like knitting hats out of stash yarn. They are fast and you can play with new patterns and design features. I normally donate them, but this year DH was wearing in a ceramics class at the local college and a bunch of kids wanted one. Considering how expensive college is now it was probably still a charity need at least for some.

those kids do need a lot of help, school is so expensive.

I bring hats, sweaters and booties that I’ve made to a group that meets once a year in October on Make A Difference Day. It’s always seems like so few items but when you see everyone’s contributions together, wow!

Do I see a knit-along forming???
Wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing!