Erm..ok, this is becoming a problem

ok, Im a new-ish knitter. i think i taught myself how 2 knit about a year or two ago, but know im really getting into it. ANYWAY, i have this constent problem when i go through my first row. as i go along the row, i get a cord between the needles that gets bigger with every stitch :help:

it isnt to much of a problem, because i can just fiddle with it and make it tighter wen i get 2 the end of that first row, and if im knittng something that doesn’t have to many stitches 2 start with. But if im making something with, like, more then 40 or so stitches, it becomes a nucence. and i can’t TELL you about trying to knit in the round! i can’t do my end-of-the-row-tightin-up when knitting in the round. i have not heard of anyone else having this problem, so i guess im the first to mess up like this.

so yeah, can some 1 help me? am i doing something wrong?

You may be using the backward loop caston which is really only useful for a few stitches; the more you have, the more yarn is left between stitches. You’re not messing up, other people have the same problem. Just use a different caston method, like knitted, cable or longtail - videos on the Cast on page.

oh…okay, thanks =)