EPO?Abbreviation for what?

I am trying to knit a pattern from Fiona McTague’s book–Knitted Toys. I’m not thrilled how the patterns are written, but have managed myself until now.

I am making the Dog Draft Cheater and am binding off the piece I am working on. Here are the instructions:

Bind off 6 sts at beg of next row, then EOR once, then 12 sts at beg of EPO twice.

What the heck is EPO?javascript:emoticon(’:wall:’)
Banging Head Against Wall
I did the obvious things like looking in the glossary, trying to google it and trying to find book errata which doesn’t exist. Anyone know?

:shrug: I wonder if it has something to do with this


Contacting Publisher usually helps


Would EPO be an abbreviation for a part of the piece itself, rather than a knitting term?


I think Sue is on the right track – the mysterious letters may apply to parts of the knit piece.

EOR could mean End of Row.
In that case, the line might be written
"Bind off 6 sts at beg of next row, then bind off 6 sts at the end of the same row…" Would that make sense in the context of the pattern?

I’m just guessing that the E in EPO stands for Each.
But what’s the PO that needs to have 12 stitches bound off from it?
Darn, it’s annoying. I’ve looked at a dozen lists of standard abbreviations and these aren’t included.

EOR is generally `every other row’.

Okay, E = each; PO = purl over, purl off…?


The EOR is for every other row and makes complete sense. I tried searching for EPO and didn’t come up with anything either.

I would assume it had something with the purl rows.

Stuck in my head as soon as I saw this yesterday was “Every Purl One” (as in every purl row), so that would be: Bind off 6 sts at beg of next row, then every other row once, then 12 sts at beg of every purl row twice. Does that follow the context of the pattern?

Or…is this just a typo and we’re all scratching our heads for naught?

I think the right idea would be to contact the publisher. If you haven’t found it by now, and you’ve never heard it before, it might even be a typo. Good luck.

And if all of us can’t figure it out… :shrug:


High I’m having same problem. Did this ever get resolved what EPO means.
Much appreciate anyone’s help. Have a body but stuck on dogs head.

Here’s one solution from the Ravelry projects:

It seems to be best treated as a typo for “every other purl row”

Thanks for your quick response. I will try this.