Epais 14 oz. colorfusion

I am wanting to make a prayer shawl for my aunt and I have been waiting for Homespun to go on sale at Hobby Lobby, but I noticed the Epais colorfusion is on sale this week and it is a BIG skein of yarn. Has anyone tried to make a prayer shawl out of just one skein of this yarn? I am trying to find the most cost effective materials without sacrificing softness and beauty. I hate being on a budget!

According to info on ravelry, the epais has 393 yds per skein - about 23 yds more than 2 skeins of homespun. It looks a lot bigger than that to me. I know there are patterns that use just 2 skeins of homespun, so you probably could. Although, if you use this week’s 25% off coupon, it would be cheaper to just buy 2 skeins of homespun at 25% off each. I wonder if ravelry’s info is wrong, though-- those epais skeins look huge.

I think it only looks bigger because of the type of yarn it is. That boucle stuff is puffy. Don’t know about the shawl though, sorry. I’d probably buy two to make sure I had enough. You can always make mitts or a hat with the extra if it’s enough.

I think the yarn is a bit heavier, so you could use a size 13 with it, maybe even a 15, and it’s fluffier and wound looser (in the skein, not the strand), so that’s why it seems so much bigger.