Environmentally Friendly Products


I think “saving the planet” is on a lot of peoples minds lately what with global warming, polluted oceans, etc being popular topics in the news. I’m starting this thread for you to share what environmentally friendly products you have used and how they work for you…good or bad.

To keep this topic easy to read for everyone I’ve got a few guidelines.

[li][I][U]NO[/U] discussion about global warming, pollution, etc[/I]. This is a topic for products. Start another topic if you want to debate.[/li][li]Make your product names only in [B]bold black[/B] so when scanning this thread they are easy to find.[/li][li]Please link to a product whenever possible and list retail stores that may sell them as well.[/li][li]Review the products you have tried so we can get an idea of how well they work.[/li][*]Try to keep your lists to products you have tested yourself or know of others that have used them.[/ul]Okay, I think that will keep this thread easy to read. I’m really looking forward to finding some new products. :wink:



I use the [B]shower control [/B]and I love it. Cleans hard water spots, soap scum and doesn’t gas you out of the shower while you clean it. I bought mine at Home Depot and it’s a little more pricey than other cleansers but I got tired of the fumes produced with such cleansers as Lysol bathroom and Tilex. I’ll definitely look into their other cleaners. I hope they really are earth friendly and it’s just not a marketing ploy though.


I use [B]Seventh Generation laundry detergent[/B]. http://www.seventhgen.com/our_products/laundry.php It’s working well (I have the lavender scent, but will try the free and clear if it’s at my health food store next time I need it). Clothes are getting as clean as they were with All Free and Clear.


We use [B]Simple Green [/B]at the barn I work at. It is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe. It’s the only thing we can use to clean the horse’s water bucked and feet tubs because it won’t hurt them if it doesn’t get washed out completely. And it smells good too.

You can get a gallon jug of it at your local Home Depot… But I’m sure they have smaller sizes too. :slight_smile:



The first thing that comes to mind is my daughters’ [B]lunchboxes from Laptop Lunches[/B]. We had started using waxed paper bags in lunches instead of plastic last year, but I was still really bothered by all the waste so we bought these. The amount of garbage generated in school lunch rooms is staggering. :shock:

It was funny – the week of Earth Day they had “waste free lunch week” where everyone was encouraged to pack lunches that didn’t generate any garbage – and we didn’t even have to think about it 'cause aside from paper napkins our lunches are waste-free :slight_smile:


I also love the [B]Seventh Generation[/B] dishwashing soap (for handwashing), shower cleaner, toilet cleaner… basically everything they make is awesome.

All at trader joe’s and whole foods too.

And my all-time favorite: [B]meyer’s lemon scrub stuff[/B] (only the ending is a real name, it’s like a substitute for comet, only it smells good too). Also available at whole foods, and probably normal supermarkets too.


I forgot that we use [B]canvas lunch bags[/B] from reusablebags.com. I’ve machine washed and drip dried them and other than some shrinkage they’ve been great!

I just love some of the bottles at the reusablebags.com site so I plan on getting a few of those, too.


I use canvas totes for shopping bags.

Simple Green and some sort of all natural citrus cleaner the name of which escapes me at the moment.

I think riding a bicycle instead of driving a car is probably the single biggest thing I do that has any impact. Not a specific product, but a product class.

I do try to breath natural air as much as possible, but that can be kind of tough around these truckstops. :hmm:


I am a BIG fan of www.reusablebags.com. I buy from them all the time and when I give a gift I always include a reusable bag in the package if I remember.

I have used their Chico Bags and their Acme Bags. In the end, I would say the [B]Chico bags[/B] are better. The Acme bags feel better when carrying them… the material is silkier… but the material has gotten runs in it where the Chico bags have not. The Acme bags are still perfectly useable so the runs are NOT a problem, but it just makes me believe the somewhat stiffer material of the Chico bag is stronger. It also is less expensive AND comes in GREAT colors. I plan on giving everybody at least one bag for Christmas this year, and may actually use them for wrapping instead of paper.


Oh, I also use Seventh Generation products. I use their TP and their Paper Towels. I do rarely use paper towels in an effort to not add more stuff out into the world but when I do they work just fine. The TP has not been a huge change for me either.

I don’t use the detergent products because I still have some to go through. I do want to try making my own laundry detergent though. I also got some dishsoap from Whole Foods that is refillable. I can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head at the moment but I will edit this when I get home on Sunday (or Monday;)) to let you know.

I have switched to Ecover Fabric softener too. It smells delicious and my clothes feel just as soft as they do with the big name brand stuff. I am very pleased with this product!

I am also trying to switch many of my cleaning products to Vinegar and Baking soda. Works like a charm and no nasty allergens.

Oooh… and the COOLEST thing ever was using vinegar and baking soda to unclog a slow drain. Lemme tell ya… My bathroom sink was VERY slow. I read a tip to put baking soda down the drain, put white vinegar down after it, and close the drain for a minute or so. So I tried it. After you do that you are supposed to run hot water through it for a bit. Let me say that my drain has NEVER run so clear. I also plunged it a bit to see if I could get any residual stuff out and boy did I. So gross and yet I was just giddy with the results…lol.

Oh another thing you can do with all those dish clothes you like to knit… Use them at the end of your swiffer type mops. This will allow you to wash out the cloth when you are done and not add more of those cleaning clothes into the world. :thumbsup:

must stop now cuz i am pretty sure I am not following Jan’s rules for this thread…sorry. :teehee:


Hey y’all. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. I do use some products that have already been mentioned, but I’m really inspired to try to do more. I really love the looks of the Chico bags. The bonus is that they fold down small enough to carry with you. No excuses. :thumbsup:

Thanks for helping me be a more responsible, earth-dwelling resident. :wink:


I am not kidding when I tell you that I usually have at least five of them in my bag at any given time. They fold down so small.

I am also not kidding when I say I wandered over to reusable bags last night after playing on this thread and nearly bought a ridiculous amount of new bags…lol. :doh:


GREAT thread Jan! Thank you =D


Wow, Jan, I discovered I can list lots of things we do to be environmentally friendly- so here is a long list:

For years we have used [B]cloth table napkins[/B]. Instead of paper. Avaialble at any department store, Goodwill or even garage sales. Several styles need ironing-but I don’t bother. Just wash dry and fold and put in a basket on the table. They don’t always match each other either. I just choose ones I like when I buy more. Which is not very often, they last for years. I’ve been considering knitting some linen ones for nice meals…or one could sew themselves napkins.

Also I use an [B]outdoor clothesline [/B]from May till about September here. Availabe at hardware stores. We have the retractable style where you mount the unit on a wall and pull the lines out and mount the other end on a post or a tree. Our other end is on an extneded piece of wood from the shed; my husband rigged it up. Here is a place that sells them. http://www.clotheslineshop.com In the summer it off sets the cost of running the air conditioner.

My husband uses a [B]push mower[/B], the kind with a rotating blade. Like they used in the old days. We’ve used that for 10 years now. We do have a relatively small lawn in the front and the back. These are available at hardware stores-usually smaller independent ones. Here is a link http://www.cleanairgardening.com/reelmowers.html for some. No mowing over electric cords. No gas to buy. The emissions from gas mowers are worse than from cars.

We ride [B]bikes[/B] lots of places and on another thread I posted a pic of our new [B]electric car[/B]. We are also seriously considering adding solar to our house, maybe next year. We also recycle extensively, we have a [B]worm compost bin[/B], but I admit I leave the management of that to my husband and kids primarily. http://www.composters.com/verm.php?gclid=CKap-4-B7I0CFRK2YAod2iC4vg

When the kids were small I put them in [B]cloth diapers. [/B]We also have [B]flourescent light bulbs[/B] in most of the house. Oh and last fall we bought a [B]front loading washing machine[/B], we have an [B]LG [/B]and our water use, according to our bill dropped dramatically. We also got an Energy Trust rebate and a state tax rebate and a rebate from the city! http://us.lge.com/products/category/list/home%20appliances_laundry.jhtml



Similar to Ecover and 7th Gen is the BioKleen company. Very good [B]laundry[/B] and [B]dishwashing products[/B].

Buy Grinders


So as a truck driver, do you notice truckers turning thier engines off at rest stops? I heard something about this on NPR. SOmeone is trying to get truckers to use electrical hookups at truck stops so they can run heaters/AC or laptops or whatever instead of relying on the electrical systems when the engines running. Any thoughts?


I still have my son’s old cloth diapers. We use them for napkins. So soft and washable. Also have a push mower (gotta get the blades sharpened :roll: ) We have a car but I use the bus a lot and my son’s dad rides his bike everywhere. I would love to get a car that runs on vegitable oil. Anyone know how to do that? There;s a way to clean up old McDonalds fryer oil and use it do drive cars. You smell like french fries but it burns clean. Either that or an electric car.


So here’s a question…

What do you do about your trash? Given the responses here, I’ll assume that you don’t use plastic bags. I know that some of you compost. For those of us who don’t, what do you suggest?


I actually do use plastic right now. I also use the paper bags I still have from the store. Once I run out of garbage bags I am not sure what I am going to switch to. I don’t have a real opportunity here to compost since I live in an apartment with limited space right now and extensive recycling options are pretty limited too. I believe there are products out there that are more biodegradeable but I am still researching that. I would definitely like to hear what people are using too. :thumbsup:


We compost and recycle most of everything so we only have like one garbage bag a week and we use plastic biodegradeable ones. Food stuff goes into composter, large yard wastes that can’t be recycled gets picked up by our local recycle organization to be composted and sold, newspaper gets picked up by them too as do the hard plastics. Surprisingly, our area has a pretty decent recycle system.