SO. I started a scarf for the hubmeister using this pattern from Knitty. It is really cool! Mine, however, is quite three demensional. I am worried it will not lie flat enought to look right. Any advice on blocking this, or do I let it be all woovely in all its glory?

Ahem bump (waits impatiently)

i have never done it myself, but this quote in the pattern:

As you are working the triangles and squares of the entrelac pattern, they will seem long and distorted. Don’t worry! As you work further sections, the sections you have knit will assume their correct shapes.

makes me think it will work itself out

To a certain extent that is true. As you knit the squares they are elongated and skinny. The more you do, the more they become nice squares on the “x and y” plane. It is the “z” plane I am worried about. (Hello knitting math again!) The pattern creates what looks like strips of knitting “woven” together. The squares look like they come in and out of each other. Without destroying this, I was wondering if should block it (or even if I can) to make it lie just a little bit flatter?

What’s it made from?

Wool/acrylic blend.

When you’re done with it you can wash it and lay it flat to dry and that might help it to relax. :thinking:

Okay, that is what I’ll try.