Entrelac sweater (~˘▾˘)~


I’m making this entrelac sweater for my dad (although it’s me trying it on in the photos to see how the sleeve looks).
I’m pretty hyped about it because I feel like I’m improving so much just by doing something new, and making it up on the way and not using a pattern :smiley:
Turns out the entrelac squares are great for shaping, and very easy to alter!
I’d love to hear what you think~


Not easy to work so carefully and yet so exciting to see. The sweater will be a wonderful gift.
What yarn or yarns did you use?


I think it is beautiful, i have tried a entrelac scarf snd became fustrated but your work looks awesome, congratulations.




Thank you! <3
This is the tarn I used:

It’s pretty nice, though I wish it was a bit more saturated haha


Thank you! I hope my dad will think so too :smile:
I actually found a way to make entrelac a bit less frustrating - What was frustrating to me was that I was too lazy to turn the whole thing every 30 seconds. So instead of turning and purling, I just knit it back the other way with my left hand. It made it much faster and more enjoyable for me


Thank you! :smile: <3


Nice Job!!! I am a beginner knitter and hope to be able to do that at some point!


I have to agree!


I’m sure you will! These things might seem intricate before you get to them, but they’re really not that complicated once you actually get around to doing them~
A sweater can be just four ordinary rectangles seamed together :wink:


I finished the sweater!





Ah, perfection!


That’s amazing! Great job on it!


Boy seems like he really liked it:grinning:


That is so sweet! Love the video of your dad trying on the sweater. Great job!!!


Looks like a lot of work - and love! - went into that sweater. Congratulations on a job well done!



Thank you! :grin: