Entrelac - Help Desparately Needed Please. :-(

Hi all,

I’m a beginner knitter in some aspects and in others not so much. I’ve managed to master the whole purl/knit things and am doing pretty good with cables. I haven’t officially done a project but I decided it was time to learn decreases/increases and the like and I’ve found some excellent books at the library to help. One book contains info on a pattern called “Entrelac” which is basically stockinette (though it can be just about anything) in different colors (or they could be the same) that go in different directions to give a “weaved” appearance.

At any rate, you cast on 36 sts for the swatch, then p2, turn, k2, turn and continue this until you have 12 st on the right needle, then you start the process over for each triangle. I’ve done that and now have three triangles on the left needle (you don’t turn the work when you finish one triangle, you just start on with the next 2 p st).

Anyhow, I’m ready to change color. It says “First Row of Blocks. Change to the second color. The first row of blocks has side triangles. First side triangle: K2, turn, p2, turn kfb, skpo, turn, etc. etc.” Here’s where I’m confused: I can’t find ANYTHING in the four knitting books that I have that translate KFB and SKPO. Anybody have any clue what they’re talking about and how to do it? I want to learn how to do this but I can’t find what that abbreviation stands for and I’m getting horribly frustrated to the point of discouragement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

KFB is knit in front and back of the loop–an increase
skpo is the same as ssk

If there are others, go to www.knitingfool.com. They have the most comprehensive list of abbreviations you could every want. :XX:

Thank you thank you!