I bought a knitting book with a little article on this technique, and a pattern for a sweater using it. I read the article and I thought that each square a tringle were done separately, then crocheted together. Well, that wasn’t it at all.

OOH NOO, I could figure out anything, even to find out how many stitches to cast-on. It did not say that anywhere.

Are these confusions from me, the book, and/or the technique itself?

Can anyone tell me where to start, even if you can refer me to a place/book/article that can help.

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It it is a sweater pattern I am surprised it doesn’t have any information about the cast on! Did you check the publisher website for corrections? Here is a whole list of resources, but this seems like a good link. You may also want to search this section of the forum for entrelac.

[color=blue]Kemp, thanks so much.
there really is no directions of what to cast on, and I will go to the book publishers site, if there is one.
I had two friends who also are knitters look at the direction, none of us could decern anything of any help.
I now looked out the other directions in this book…None of them are good, but the other patterns are things in which I can fill in the gaps.
I just looked at the book again…The site is www.knitinstyle.com. Anyone have experience with the company?
By-the-way, I did look at your website, and I do like the things you have. When I recover from my post-traumatic reaction to no being able to even start my new project, I will go back and look again.

Vivian :notworthy: [/color]

I can’t offer any help, Vivian, but I am here to give encouragement! I cannot get my head around entrelac no matter how much I try–even with directions that make sense to everyone else. :wall:

Keep us posted on your progress!