Entire sock in slip stitch?


Does anyone know of a pattern that is entirely slip stitched in the way that the Eye of Partridge heel is constructed? I’m using a variegated Hot Shot, and I’m rarely a fan of variegated, so I wasn’t loving the look until I got to the heel flap. The fabric that the Eye of Partridge pattern creates transforms this yarn from ugh to beautiful, and I love the density. I’m contemplating doing the entire sock in this pattern, but will I still have the stretch that I need to get the sock on my foot?


I like the look of eye of partridge too. There are a few patterns that use some slip stitch and could probably be adapted to EOP. It might be more comfortable with a stockinette sole but you’ll be able to determine that.


Thanks! I’ll check them out. I’m attaching a pic of the future frog sock that shows the difference between the look of slip stitch and the variegated stockinette. I don’t know why I get roped into buying variegated, because it really isn’t my cup of tea.