Enough Yarn?

I want to knit a lap blanket, if there is such a thing, for my mom. She recently went into an assisted living facility. She has Alzheimer’s and very poor circulation in her legs. She is, therefore, always cold. I have 1000 yards of a worsted acrylic-wool blend that is just the right color (Plymouth Encore Colorspun). Do you think this is enough if I use largish needles?

Here is an example of a pattern for a ‘lap robe’. It uses 5.25 skeins of Wool-Ease (approx 197yds/skein) so that would be just over 1000yds total. Not sure if using a larger needle would make the yarn go further because each stitch would be larger and would use more yarn :shrug: . If you could get just one more skein of yarn, this type of pattern would be perfect.

http://sasw.blogspot.com/2005/01/dishcloths.html [color=indigo]If you use this mitered square pattern on circular needles you just knit until you run out of yarn and you’re done. It’s a great pattern for using up yarn![/color]

Thanks Knitqueen and Yarnlady. As always, this forum always provides an aswer!!!

Because each stitch is larger it makes the overall dimensions larger too. So you could cast on fewer stitches, whatever your gauge is times the width of it. You could definitely go up to size 9s or even 10s and it would come out alright.