Enlarging a pattern for stuffed animal

Hi everyone! Hope I can find some help here. I need to make a stuffed monkey 36 inches tall from a pattern which makes a 21 inch one. Haven’t a clue how to change the existing pattern.

You could try using a bit thicker yarn than the one called for in the pattern. Working with that on a size larger needle will enlarge the pattern. What pattern is it? Can you give us a link to it?

It’s a pattern I bought on Ravelry. It’s a sock monkey by Sherri Bush. It seems I can’t post links until I have 2 or more posts. Sorry.

I have the link now.

Enlarging it that much might require more than heavier yarn. You may have to alter the pattern.

The pattern says the monkey sits 20" tall, not including the legs. If you use Vanna’s Choice yarn and size 7 or 8 needles, I bet it would be the right height.

You might not want to use larger needles, the stuffing could poke through. That would probably make it larger around and not that much longer though. Simplest would be to knit the body longer between the tail and where you put the arms on, or dec for the neck and possibly knit the head a little longer. It would be skinnier that way so you might have to add more stitches. That shouldn’t be too difficult even for the ‘butt’ part which is like turning a heel on a sock, it’s just a larger heel.

A combination of all your suggestions might just work. I’ll try a heavier yarn with a larger needle and add a few more stitches as well. Can’t wait to see what happens. Thanks so much for your ideas and support!