Endpaper Mitts?

Hello Knitters :slight_smile: ,

Does anyone have a copy of the pattern for “Endpaper Mitts”? I know it was a free pattern, I started a pair last winter but did not finish & now I can not find my copy & it is not on the internet now…

I would appreciate your help. :heart: Merry knitting!


If you google them and clicked on the cached version of the first link you should be able to get the pattern.

Eunny’s website has been down for days. Here’s the cache pattern. Get it quick!!

D’oh :doh: I can’t see the pics for the charts!

:noway: Oh no! I know that the archives never have the pictures, but I forgot about charts, too! I’ll see if I can find them…

ETA: I don’t know what they look like so I don’t know if these are right, but you can see a tiny picture of several charts Google Images if you google “endpaper mitts charts”.

I also saw on Ravelry that this person has them and will send them to you so PM her over there.

Here is Eunny Jangs email, too. No spaces… She works at IK so maybe they’d know, too.
[FONT=Arial]eunny @ eunnyjang . com[/FONT]

I hope that they end up putting the site back up. It was a great resource for lace knitting.