Endpaper Mitts

Finished my Endpaper Mitts the other day. It was my first colorwork and first gloves of any kind. They are a bit long for my short arms but overall I am quite proud. I love how they came out!! The yarn used was Louet Gems fingering weight.

They came out soooo pretty!!! i love the blue yarn you used!!

Lovely :inlove:

:yay: very pretty!! You did a great job!!

Gorgeous! You did an excellent job. As for these being a little “long” on you, I’m sure there are a zillion of us who would be happy to wear them for you. :teehee:

They are beautiful!

First colorwork project???


That’s beautiful!!!

Pretty! Yours look better than the model on the web site. :cheering:

Your [I]first[/I] color work! Great job. I’m a little green here. :drool:

Two thumbs up. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Lovely job, they look fantastic. I love the colour. By the way, my arms are long so if you need someone to quality control test them, I AM available!

There are a lot of great FO’s posted tonight, and I’m beginning to think that yours are my favorite. Your FIRST time doing colorwork, and they look that good? You must really be a stickler for accuracy, they’re amazing!

Amazing Mittens.
I :heart: them!!
Great work!

They look wonderful!

First color work… awesome! :x:Great knitting!

That’s amazing for first-time color work. They look fantastic!

Thanks so much everyone! They were fun to knit.

Yeah, what she said!

WOW! first color work??? WOW!

Wow…beautiful job!