Endpaper mitts

I think this will be a cool exercise in knitting fair isle and using small dpns. Anyone up for this? I think it’s not quite as scary/complicated at it looks. I have gotten through the ribbing and a couple rows into pattern.

Join me!

Hope the link works, my first time trying…


ooo those look pretty!!! I’m skerred of such tiny DPNs tho!!!

Come on! You know you want to… join me!

But I have to finish my christmas knitting first!

Well, ok then. I suppose I should finish mine too… but I need a break from felted clogs!

I started, but not really with the colors I wanted. I wanted to use some fingerweight wool in teal blue with pine green for the pattern but the LYS didn’t have anything like that so I ended up getting this washable wool/cashmere blend that I think is OK. I’m not sure how I feel about the colors. The red is a LOT darker than it appears on my photo (thank you, camera flash). It is hard to see the pattern sometimes. I guess I should have thought of that…

Once I have done the K1P1 cuff and gotten to the pattern it has gotten easier - bigger dpn’s and no purling. I am on the first chart and so far/so good! I have read through the whole pattern and there is a lot around the thumb that I don’t understand yet, hopefully it will make sense when I get there. I also don’t know what it means to know how to increase/decrease in pattern, but there are instructions on her site so I am counting on taking some scrap yarn and making sure I know what I am doing when I get there…

I’m going to keep talking to myself on this thread and if anyone wants to comment, feel free, even if you don’t want to join me in knitting this. I am hoping someone will join me though!

I am frustrated. The knitting is going fine (so far) but I don’t like my colors!! I tried to take a picture that really shows this but I can’t figure out how to turn off the damn flash on my camera! The problem is the combo is too dark and I cannot see the pattern hardly at all, even under the bright light of my craft lamp. It does NOT look like this picture. I think I might go back to the LYS shop today and see if they have a light ice blue and frog back down to the cuff and start again. I think that might look nice…

Here’s the pic so far, even though it does NOT really look like this. If it did, I’d keep going.

The colors look fine .

Is fair isle knitting really easy ?
In all the years so far that I have been knitting I have yet to give fair isle a try . :oops:

Perhaps after the holidays , I will give this pattern a chance .

I like your colors, but I think you’re right in that a bigger contrast would be good. Blue and gray will look great!!

I’m still interested in doing these… I think I’m going to use Knitpicks Palette.
What do you think of Apricot and Bark?

Guin, Fair Isle, isn’t too bad… the most important thing is to make sure that you carry the colors loosely. Why not try a small swatch to practice?

Ooh, those look gorgeous together, Hild!

I also think a more stark contrast would work better on yours, Laura, though what you have is lovely!

Guin, try fair isle! It’s not difficult at all, particularly not once you get a rhythm going!

I have to say, I love your color choice. But I could be slightly biased…

hahah why would you be biased???

:shrug: It’s got nothing to do with orange and brown being RIT colors or anything.


Hi Laura,

This is a really pretty pattern…one I might try after the holidaze…madly knitting presents right now.

Just a question: Did you use the tubular cast-on method? It’s kinda hard to tell in the pics. Never done it myself, gonna hafta give it a try as it looks really cool with ribbing! And, I’ve been looking for a handwarmer pattern that wasn’t just stockinette or ribbing.

It’s too bad you don’t like the look of the two colors together :verysad:
They (and the pattern) look really cool in the photos!


Yeah Hilde!

Those are great colors! I ripped out my red yesterday. My husband loves the pattern and those colors together and he wants me to make a hat out of them, so that’s what I’m going to do with that. I got myself some light light blue (like arctic blue, almost grey) and started it yesterday. I like it much better, will post a pic later.

I did use the tubular cast on called for by the pattern. Is that the same as a cable cast on? I just followed the link in the pattern to the instructions with video and did that. It was a little awkward and I can’t tell any difference really, so I’m not sure I did it right.

I still have to get the last sole of one more felt clog done, felt them, and knit a couple xmas stocking to felt, so I shouldn’t be moving too fast.

Plenty of time to join in!

Again, just curious…

How did you get the video on the cast-on method to work? Even though I have the quick time video program, there was only a blank space with the bar below it! Grrrrrr…


Yeah, that would be the best thing for me to do , instead of just jumping right in . The last time I did that was to learn how to do cables. Took me 3 years to finish a simple cabled sweater :oops: But it looks fab. and is so warm . :happydance:

that reminds me, I just bought yarn for a cabled sweater!! :doh:

Ok, I changed colors. I don’t k,now if the fact that this is ice blue and not white actually comes through, but here’s what I have so far. I like these colors much better, I am so glad I switched!