Ending with a ws row

When it says " work stocking stitch 4 inches, ending with a ws row.". Does that mean the next row you work would be the back that you normally purl.
Thanks so much folks.

It means the last row you work should be the ws (the purl side of stockinette).

Thanks for the quick response. That is the opposite of what I was saying, so glad I asked the question.

Well…I looked at the next line of instructions and it said to P1 then p2tog, so I’m guessing it may be what I originally thought, right? My last row before I start the decreasing row would be knitting, as I’m in stockinette.

Ending with a wrong side row means that the next row is a right side row. If your pattern looks like straight stockinette st at this point (no reverse stockinette edging or change in pattern) then it may be a mistake in the pattern. In that case, go ahead with the directions as you think they should be and end so that your next sts go on a wrong side or purl row.
Check the following rows and the picture to make sure that’s right.

Thanks. It is a Sirdar1752 pattern, but it has to be a mistake. As I interpreted it both ways, I thought I would ask the experts to be sure. Maybe they meant to say “ending up on a ws row?”

Could be. Or “ending on a rs row”.