Ending with a knit row

In advance thank you, I’m knitting the snapdragon soaker. Instructions state to end with a knit row does that mean my last row is a knit row or my next row is a knit row?


Your last row will be knitted. You’re doing stockinette? You’ll be ready to purl on the new row. There should be a better way of stating it, somehow that confuses lots of us. It used to make my brain explode.

You should end having completed a knit row (so that the next row would be a purl row in this pattern).
This looks like a nicvery nice pattern.

Aww, That is really cute.Is that pattern for beginners by any chance? What kind of yarn are you using?

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Read through the pattern and see if it all makes sense to you. I just looked at it and it doesn’t necessarily contain short rows or major stumbling blocks. Not that short rows are so hard but they might give a beginner pause. We’ll be happy to help if you run into problems.