End with a WS row?

Why is it I can not get my brain wrapped around this??? :wall: I’m trying to knit the heartbreakingly cute baby kimono from the MDK book for my soon to be born son and this whole end with ws row thing has always given me problems most of the time I just guess but I want to do this right and learn it proper. I’m a continental knitter, and I’ve knitted my 4" and now i’m stuck, argh. HELP me Please… :pray: I should also mention I did garter stitch.

End with WS row just means that the last row you work before moving onto the next set of instructions will be a wrong side row – the wrong side is the side of your garment that will be on the inside (the side that will NOT show when worn). Does this help?

so my right side will be facing me when I have the cloth that has been knitted in my left hand ready to knit?

I don’t have that book…what kind of stitching are you doing? Generally if you are doing stockinette the V’s side is considered the “right” side and the bumps is considered the wrong. I tend to forget myself if i am doing anything else so i take a row marker and stick it in on the right side so i know. I think if the two sides are identical, it is probably acceptable to just pick a side and say “this is the right side” and just go from there.

at least that is how i would do it but i am a big ol’ knitting cheater! :teehee:

If you’re knitting a flat stockinette stitch, the wrong side row may be a purled row.

Usually in the pattern when knitting flat, you start with the right side as your first row, and the wrong side is the second row, in turn meaning that all odd rows are the right side and all even rows are the wrong side. There are exceptions, of course.

So, with that being said, whatever your wrong side row is (the side that when the garment is finished will not be seen), you knit that row and then go on to the rest of the instructions.

I did that kimono and love it. If you’re doing the garter stitch one, you end after doing a row on the “wrong” side of the piece and…in your case, both sides at this point look the same.

Here’s a little hint…when you go to sew the sleeves…stop about an inch from the edge of the cuff. It helps because you will want to fold it back.

I can show you two already done…

  1. www.knittinghaven.com
    on the front page.

  2. www.theyarngrove.com
    on their FOG page.

Good luck.