End on Wrong Side?

I am sure this is a really dumb question :?? but when a pattern says, “end on the wrong side” does it mean when you have a purl row to go or after knitting the last purl row before starting the next knit row (when doing stockinette)??? :doh: :doh: If I get this screwed up it will change the number of rows of the pattern. Thanks so much!
Susan (who thought she sort of knew what she was doing!!) :roflhard:

This is a frequent area of confusion. When a pattern says, “ending on wrong side row” it usually means that the last row you worked was the purl side.
This would mean your next instruction would start with the knit row.

The one way to be sure is to look at the next instruction. If it calls for a knit row, then it’s clear.

Sometimes that particular instruction is confusing because it might mean that you’ve ended and now have the wrong side facing for the next row.

What does your next instruction say?

The pattern is a Berroco for a summer top. Next directions after the “end on WS” are; cast on 2 sts at beg of the next 8 rows. Cast on 4 sts at beg of the next 2 rows, end on WS. This is the sleeve shaping section of the pattern. I had been in a St st for several inches after the band at the bottom, then had gotten into the M1k, knit, K1 increasing. After all this stuff you establish sleeve borders. Thank you so much Ingrid. :wink:

You’re so welcome.

I’d finish the ws row and then start my increases on the next row. It really isn’t that important, though, since you’re doing increases on both sides, anyway.

I’m going to answer your next question before you even ask it.

How do I cast on at the beginning of a row?

Technically, you’re increasing at the end of the previous row to count for the beginning of this row. You have to cast them on and work across them to get to the sleeve, then cast on at the end again.

Thank you! I did cast on the extra stitches but did them knit-wise on a couple of the purl rows and it looks “squirrely” to me. I hate to have to rip out all this work for that. It will be in the armpit. This is my first “real” sweater for me. I’ve only done a couple of very simple child sweaters with no shaping. Thank you so much for your help.
:smiley: Susan

Armpit stitches don’t count. :wink: