Encore Yarn Question

Do any of you know wheter or not encore yarn will shrink a little bit when washed? I am using it for a PoA scarf, and it is a bit wider than it is suppose to be. (The pattern says it should be 8 inches across and mine is measuring 10) I did several gague swatches and finally got the correct gauge for the pattern; although I did all of them before I knew you were suppose to wash them before measuring. I’m just trying to see if i’m going to end up with a GIANT scarf or if it will turn out the correct size in the end.

as near as i can tell it doesnt shrink, or if it does, it isnt noticeable until you measure. i knitted up a swatch of it a while back and have been throwing it in the wash just to see what would happen, and its holding up well. havent noticed any change in size or color. its softened up a little though.

It didn’t shrink when I washed it. And I wanted it to shrink! :wink:

I’m planning on making one of the scarves as well-- what do you think of the yarn? I’m hours and hours away from a LYS and I can’t try before you buy.


Encore is my favorite non-wool yarn. I’ve used it for two sweaters for myself and they wash and dry beautifully. I make all kids’ things out of it, too. It really is good stuff. Soft, too.

I made a Ravenclaw scarf with it and I love it. It’s the warmest scarf I’ve ever had. It’s soft, too, considering it’s acrylic.