Emma's Daisy Hat

If you remember a few months back, I made hats for a little 4 year old girl with cancer who was losing her hair. Her mom said she wears the three I made her all the time and requested I make her some more since she is totally bald now and will be for awhile with the ongoing medication to keep her cancer free.

I wanted to use stash yarn if I could so it is a bit different than the pattern, which I found on knitting pattern central.

I wouldn’t have known it was stash yarn if you hadn’t said so. Very cute hat.

That’s precious - and what a wonderful thing you are doing for that little girl!

Just adorable and i know she will love it :slight_smile: I hope she gets better !

So cute! What a lovely thing you are doing! Wonderful that she likes her hats too!

Awwww! That’s so cute!

I love your hat! The flowers are really nice and I love i-cord top knots. Those flowers are more work than they look like with all that i-cord. I also like the colors.

We all wish the best for Emma.

It’s so cute!! Love the colors too. What a great stashbuster and kind thing to do! :slight_smile:

So sweet!