Embossed Leaves Socks - Pattern Question

OK, I know this is a probably a stupid question, but here goes. I’m trying to start the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks (Mona Schmidt). The pattern says to cast on 64 stitches, then gives instructions for knitting the first two rows. THEN, it say to arrange the stitches evenly on four dpns and join for working in the round in the twisted rib pattern (for 18 rounds). How can that be? If I’m reading this right, the first two rows won’t be attached (in the round). Does anyone know what that instruction means??? I’m so confused. :???:

Amy talks here about using dpn’s to effectively knit in the round…does this help at all?


Thanks, but I know how to knit in the round. Where I’m confused is that the pattern, as written, seems to indicate that the first two [B]rows[/B] (as described in the pattern, rather than [B]rounds[/B]) are not knitted in the round. Strange, right??

Maybe she finds it easier to work the first couple of rows flat rather than in the round.:shrug:

my guess would be that she prefers to do them in rows to be better able to insure that they don’t get twisted. then you can use a bit of the tail to sew up the tiny gap :slight_smile: HTH

When I’ve done this I don’t even see a gap from only 2 rows, but feel free to join immediately if you prefer.

What a timely thread! Thanks tkingny!

I just put the embossed leaves socks on my to-do list after doing a baby hat with the same stitch pattern.
I don’t have a copy of the book, but was going to try to wing it with the chart I have for the stitch and the instructions to cast on 64. Maybe I better get the book now, just to see all the details.

[B]tkingny[/B] - what are the other patterns in the book are they as nice? (my library doesn’t have a copy :pout:)

i have a copy - i like it enough to keep it :wink: there are atleast 5 patterns i know i will knit and a few hardones that in the future i might knit , so for me i would buy it (it was a gift in a swap) HTH

The book has some beautiful patterns, and something for everyone. I agree with the Jeanius80 – there are several that I want to knit.

I just finished this pattern, and on the first pair I followed the pattern as written, on the second pair I didn’t do the cast-on that she used, and I just joined in the round on the first row. I also skipped rows one and two after the cast on on the second pair, I wasn’t pleased with the way it looked on the first one. Love this pattern!

What did you do to connect the first two rows then on the first pair?