'Ember' by Kim Hargreaves (stuck again)

Knitting ‘Ember’ cardigan from the book ‘Cherished’ by Kin Hargreaves. While I was stuck on the back (which someone has kindly helped me with on this forum) I began the on left front to save time, and I am now stuck again.
Patt. says- 'Keeping patt. correct as set by back (by working st st for last few rows at shoulders edge) cont. as follows: Work 16 rows, ending with WS row.
Here is where I’m stuck, as I am knitting a small size I didn’t actually have to do any st st on the back. When it says ‘a few rows’ how many is this supposed to be? Do I just work 16 rows continuing the pattern without doing any st st? Please help, I really want to finish this cardy, been working on it far too long and made far too many mistakes. Now I’ve found this forum, I hopefully won’t make any more! Thanks

There are a couple of possibilities. Perhaps in the small size you can continue in pattern without the need to use stocknette at the shoulders. I think the reason for the switch to stockinette is because it becomes difficult to maintain the pattern while you’re doing the shoulder shaping and decreases. Why this should happen on the front and not the back shoulder, isn’t clear to me. It probably doesn’t matter because there are epaulettes which will cover the shoulder seam and last few rows of the shoulder (photo). The stockinette may even make the shoulder lie flatter (without the bulk of the pattern st.) under the epaulette.
So, I would continue with the 16 rows in pattern and use the stockinette at [I]the last few rows of shoulder shaping[/I] when it becomes difficult to maintain pattern.

Thanks very much, will give it a go!

Hello, I am now on the right front section of the pattern. I am at the end part where it says:
'Complete to match left front, reversing shapings and working first row of neck shapings as follows:‘Shape front of neck’, next row (RS): Patt 6 sts and slip these sts onto a holder, patt to end (15sts)

So I have followed pattern to match left front from ‘Shape armhole’ to the shaping of the neck part where I stopped.

Do I then go back to the front right pattern to follow the neck instructions? ( and put 6 stitches on the stitch holder?) or do I follow the ‘front left’ shapings of neck (but reversed) and continue with the ‘Shape shoulder’ from the front left section also?

It seems to me that I would match the right front exactly to the right left, but the pattern doesn’t make it clear.

Many thanks in advance

You want to make the right front to mirror the left. Reverse the shaping for the neck and reverse the shaping for the shoulder. So for the right front of the sweater, the neck shaping will be on the RS rows and the shoulder shaping will be on the WS rows. You’ve already begun this reverse shaping when you shaped the armholes. They were shaped on the RS for the left front and you shaped them on the WS rows for the right front.

Reverse shaping means put the BOs and decs at the other edge from what you did on the first one. For BOs, you’ll do some of them on the WS row, but the decs can be done on the RS rows, just do them at the end instead of beginning of the row.

Thank you again! So helpful!

Thanks for your help , I’m aiming to finish the cardy by Christmas!!

I am on my second arm and it’s actually starting to look like something now! I know that I may struggle attaching the collar…I presume that I will be picking up and knitting each stitch that has been cast off around the front right,back and front left including the 6 stitches on the holders either side? Think I’m going to have to look at a video for picking up stitches. I hope the cardy fits after all this hard work…I must have spent over 100 hours on making it (not including the another few to finish) but I’m sure I won’t have so many problems with the next garment I knit (I hope!).

You may not be picking up [I]each[/I] cast off st. The pattern usually tells you how many sts to pick up on the fronts and across the back. I usually divide the sections into smaller sections and pick up the appropriate number of sts in each. For example, divide the front in half and mark the halfway point with a safety pin. Then you can pick up half the required sts in each section. It makes it easier to pick up sts evenly. There’s a video for picking up sts under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Tips, that will help.
You learn a lot with each project so yes, certainly you will not have the same problems with the next sweater, but you may have different problems (at least that has been my experience).

Only pick up in every stitch around the back of the neck and maybe the fronts; the sides of the neck you pick up 2 sts out of every 3 usually - pick up 2, skip the next one.

Thanks to both of you, I’ve finished both arms now so will start on the collar tomorrow, I’ll have a look at the video you suggested. Let you know how I get on!