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Hello everyone … I was wondering if everyone has been getting email notifications from the site when a thread they’ve been participating in has a new message. I have been unable to get out here much in the past month, and I was depending on the email notices to tell me when a new message was posted. I just came out to see what’s been going on, and it looks like I haven’t been getting the notices. Hmm … does anyone have a solution to this? Amy … do you know if anyone else has this problem??

Thanks so much!!

Before you submit your message make sure the box for “Notify me when a reply is posted”. I have been getting emails for the replies but it’s only when I post a topic or if someone replies right after one of my replies to another topic. Hope this helps!

You can also click on “Watch this topic for replies” at the bottom of every thread.

Or in your profile you can click the option to always recieved replies… if you always wanted to get them… or like they said… tick the option at the bottom when you post to get them

Thanks Kelly and Norman –

I have both of those options turned on. As a matter of fact, when I go to some thread in which I’ve been participating, the option @ the bottom says “click here to stop watching this thread.” BUT, I’m not getting notifications for some of them. :crying: I did get notice on this one & a couple of others today. Who knows what’s going on. <sigh>

Hmmmm, is your email address still right? Try sending yourself a test email via your email link on this site.

If you get it, then let me know. Are you getting any email notice on a topic at all? Maybe it does it once, and there’s problems after that? Or is it not working at all. This info can help me pin it down.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Amy –

Thanks for popping in. It would figure that since I posted the original note here today, I’ve started receiving notices again. I’m hoping I wasn’t just imagining things! :shock:

Sorry for the seemingly false alarm!! Maybe I just need to start posting more often again, and this alleged problem will go away!! :wink:

Nahh… not worries… on a couple of boards like this that I run… sometimes front end email filters will filter out mailing such as those… it could be any number of things… :slight_smile:

On and off I will not get emails on topics I am watching.

:crying: It’s happening again. I haven’t gotten any notifications today, but when I came out to check a few threads I’ve been participating in, there were new messages.

It’s so lonely when I don’t get emails in my “knitting” folder.:verysad:

hmm well the problem has got to be on your end, dotmom61. only kidding. could be several things. what those are, I couldn’t say, though :slight_smile:

Assuming that this is a phpbb board… it relies on either a mail server such as the kind with Linux or BSD (operating systems) or you can run them from a pop mail server like you get from an internet service provider.

I run several servers out of my home and host a number of web communities, all of which run phpbb boards and phpnuke content management systems. Sometimes, the mail server program gets bogged down… especially with a busy board like this one, and it fails to send out notifications on every post. So while you may get most of them, there might be some times where there are so many waiting in cue to be sent out that they are really delayed or not sent at all. So it’s not on your end at all. :thumbsup:

In fact, the owner of the server can actually go into the mail server file and see them all sitting there, waiting to go out.

Also, I’ve noticed on all the phpbb and phpnuke boards I run, if you haven’t logged in for awhile, it acts almost as if it’s forgotten you… so when you log in, then it will kick back in and start sending the emails. You might try setting it to keep you logged in at all times. That might help as well. Just remember though, when you choose those options, the board places a file called a cookie, onto your computer to remember the page settings. So be sure to have some level of cookies enabled on your browser.

yes, I know… I’m a computer nerd :shifty:

DotMom, do you sign in every time you look at the forum? You will only get one email when replies are posted, no matter how many, until you sign in again.

Edit: Oh, I guess that’s kinda what Aby said! Oops.

Nothing wrong with being a computer nerd! :hiding: My friends think its great to get free “tech support”. :slight_smile:

Aby –

Thank you for all that very helpful information!! I, too, am a computer nerd. So, please don’t apologize. My expertise in the computer world, unfortunately, has become a bit stale. I used to work for Microsoft “back in the day” when Windows 3.1 came out (and Excel 3.0). Since I became a SAHM, my computer skills have been passed on to the kidlets, and I haven’t really kept up-to-date on all of the server and Internet technologies. It’s something I wouldn’t mind learning about someday, but just isn’t at the top of my list of important things these days. :slight_smile:

Now, as for staying logged on: I wonder if that could be the problem. The browser I use is Safari, and generally I have a tabbed window pop up w/ all the sites I visit on a daily basis. I think somewhere along the way, I disabled the automatic login to KnittingHelp. So, now I’m not logged in automatically. I’ll reset that and see what happens. Perhaps that is where the problem lies.

Incidentally, I did receive notice of your message (and the others here).

Thanks again!!

no problem at all. And don’t think I let the irony of you working for Microsoft and now owning a Mac, pass me by. :roflhard:

I envy Mac users… someday… I shall own one… someday :pray:

Well, I’m glad you enjoyed that. :wink: Actually, we’re a dual-platform family, AND I supported both platforms when I worked for Microsoft. Currently, though, I’m definitely enjoying the Macs in our house much more than the PC. (Notice plural vs. singular) The only reason I restart my machine these days is because I’ve installed an update or I just feel like it. And besides, the Macs are so much prettier than most PCs! :inlove:

And you no longer need to suffer from Mac envy – those Mac minis are oh, so affordable now! Go ahead … just click it --> Apple Store :happydance:

I can’t do anything mini lol… I had to buy a great big purple chieftec case with a side window, and neon lights and 2 gigs of ddram and 2.2ghz amd athalon… and Nvidia’s newest card at the time… now it’s all useless because Microsoft has finally released a 64 bit OS so now I have to go replace all my current pc parts lol… I’m telling you, I’m power hungry. Maybe I can turn my current pc into another fast server… dunno yet.

btw, I built my computer myself from scratch… so that is the way I would like to go, again… but I still want a G5 :heart:

ot: I want to be a Mac owner too!!