Elm Seed Stitch

In my pattern the instructions are as follows:
Row 1 and all odd rows: K
Row 2: *P2, yo, pass yo over these two stitches, *
Row 4: yo, P2, pass yo over these two stitches, P2
Repeat these 4 rows for pattern.

Row 2 is the row I’m having trouble with. Row 4 works because the yo comes before the P2. But how can I pass a yo over stitches behind it? :shrug:

I think in Row 2 you’d pass the YO over the k2 that follow it, leave the first P2 as is. It’s the same as row 4 - the row just starts in a different place.


you know, this has me boggled too, and i just grabbed some scrap yarn and two pencils by my computer and did the first row, purled two stitches, and came to a dead stop… hope someone else can answer this, cause i need to know now too.

I bet i’m just gonna :-x when someone pipes up with the answer!

aahhh, Sue, you may just be right, i’m gonna go look up this stitch now, to see the complete stitch repeat, but it was the ‘pass yo over these two stitches’ that got me… like, what 2 stitches!! Maybe “these” is defined better somewhere else, so like i said, i’m gonna go look…

I’m wondering if you are missing a P2 on Row 2 - wouldn’t that really balance it out better? So it would be:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: * p2, yo, p2, pass yo over p2 Repeat from *
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: * yo, p2, pass yo over p2, p2 Repeat from *
Repeat Rows 1-4

I found these instructions.

Row 2 and 4 are reversed in that link from Doris’s pattern, but it probably ends up looking the same.


Thank you all for your replies to my question. :muah:
I will try it out when I go home tonight to see what it does to the pattern depending upon which row I begin with. It seems apparant that you can’t psso backwards, so it must be a misprint in the pattern.

On the photo of the sweater, I can’t see the pattern very clearly, but I think I will be able to tell if it is it.

I’m so glad I had this challenge in knitting or I may never have realized you wonderful gals are out there.

Lovin’ ya,

Yep, it worked beautifully by leaving the first P2 then YO, P2 and passo these 2 stitches. The pattern adds a nice texture to the knitting.
Thanks again,
Doris :muah: