Elizabethtown Hat

Little Turtle Knits has the Mary Jane hat from Spiderman 2 and a variation to make the Elizabethtown hat. Here is the link http://www.littleturtleknits.com/pithyhat.htm

Awesome!!! THANK YOU!!!

Nice pattern… Gonna have to try that evnetually… course… I might look funny in one of those :lol:

Just an FYI, but I did the 11 inches on the hat, and it ended up looking like a lunchlady hairnet. I pulled out about 4 inches, and now it isn’t hanging to my shoulders in the back. My point? try it on as you go.

OK, so I’m trying to make this hat and I’m so (&^$#&%#*^ mad. I have the shortest cable on my needles, and the 68 stiches are stretched way too much and my brain is fried from my teething child and i just stared at the needles for 20 minutes trying to make it work…also what does (tbl) mean???

Oh my gosh i need some help.

Try knitting with DPNs, not circs. Circs are meant for when you have more stitches so that they don’t stretch at all. DPNs seem hard, but they aren’t at all. tbl generally means through back loop.

Thanks…You know, I should have thought of that, but yesterday was just one of those days…I really love this hat so I hope that I can kick my brain into gear and get it done!

ok… I seriously must have lost my brain somewhere this past week…could someone please explain cable 3? I know it’s probably SO bloody obvious, but for some reason I can’t seem to grasp it right now…I really do know how to knit!!! I have to tell myself that every day.

It doesn’t say if it’s a right or left cable, so I guess you do whichever you want. Cable 3 is doing a cable with 2/1 instead of half and half.

C3L - Cable 3 Left. Slip next st onto cable needle and hold at front of work,knit next 2 sts from left-hand needle,then knit st from cable needle.

C3R - Cable 3 Right. Slip next 2 sts onto cable needle and hold at back needle, then knit sts from cable needle.

I knew it was probably something as simple as that! Thank you so much!

Has anyone finished this hat? if so, can I see a pic of yours? I want to see where I’m headed…