Elizabeth Zimmerman's rib warmer

I made one like the pattern in garter… simple make 2 sides the same… I want to make it in stockinette and need help i :whoosh: need direction on how I’d make the 2nd side… If I just make 2 they will both be 2 lefts or 2 rights… :shrug::shrug: hope I’m making the dilemna clear :hair:

Make one in stockinette, shaping on the right side as you did the garter ones.

Then make the other in stockinette, but do the shaping on the purl side.

wow sounds so easy… So any other hints on doing that?

The ribwarmer pattern probably won’t turn out the same in stockinette. Working it in garter makes the rows and stitches have the same gauge, where in stockinette, the rows are longer.

how can I correct that?

Correct what? The way it works in stockinette? Not much you can do unless you want to fiddle with the pattern…ie…make it wider and shorter to accomodate the change in stitch shape. I asked about doing the Baby Surprise in another stitch and this is basically what I was told.

Anyway… Ingrid means to do the increases and decreases on the purl side rather than the knit side. I think.

Do you think if I made it a fe rows shorter it will correct the longer result with Stockinette??

I really don’t know since I haven’t made it, but stockinette stitches are also narrower. Try this to see how it works for you. Make 2 swatches, one in garter AND one in stockinette. CO the same number of stitches and and do the same number of rows, but make them big enough to be a useful measure. It’s important to use the same number of stitches and rows as you would in a pattern. Then you can see how the stockinette looks compared to the garter.