Elizabeth zimmermann pi shawl

this pattern has completly fried my brains
such as it is
she is clever but her patterns leave me crossed eyed
surely there must be a pattern that is easier than hers
any suggestions

EZ’s patterns are easy if you “get it”. There’s a principle there, and once you understand the principle, the knitting follows logically from it. You can’t follow her pattern as you would most others you see elsewhere. She doesn’t spoonfeed.

no she doesnt spoon feed
i just reread the pattern
it is still confusing
thanks anways

There is a yahoo group that is working on all the projects from the Knitting Almanac and they are just finishing up working on their Pi Shawls – you can join the group and ask all the questions you want about the Pi from those who have finished or are still working on theirs.

If you go to the blog from KnitPicks here you can click on the button for the Elizabeth’s Year Group and join up.

Hope this helps!


thanks i will do that