Elizabeth Zimmerman?

Hey everyone! I really love knitting, and want to get better at understanding construction of things like sweaters, socks, etc. so I can basically learn how to come up with own patterns, custom fit, and improvise to my liking. I especially love traditional looking knitting, though I will sometimes mix it up with contemporary patterns, colors, etc. I am planning on buying Vogue Knitting, but I’m looking for some good books on construction, formulas for garments, and traditional techniques. I also enjoy intelligent, witty writing styles that are fun to read, but are first and foremost informative. Do you think Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books (and maybe DVDs) would be a good choice for me, or should I look elsewhere? Any books in particular that you’d recommend? (You know, to hold me over until Silver or ContiKnitter write [I]their[/I] books…) :pray: Thanks!

Definately go with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s [I]Knitting Workshop[/I]. It has what you’re looking for, and then some.

I agree. [U]Sweater Design in Plain English[/U] by Maggie Righetti is another one that is great at explaining what you need to take in consideration when designing sweaters. It show different body shapes and the types of designs that are most flattering, as well as telling you how to come up with a pattern for a less/more-than-average size.