Eliel's log cabin blanket

Hey everyone :waving:
This is my stash busting project, a log cabin blanket for baby Eliel that was born 2 weeks ago. She is our friends’ baby, so I made her this blanket. It’s acrylic for easier care and it’s not super soft either. It’s supposed to be a stroller blanket, not against the skin blanket. The yarn was of slightly different weights, but i think it turned out ok. If it was too bulky, i just picked up less stitches. Now it’s waiting to be washed and blocked. The ruffle is the “garter stitch ruffle” from Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting on the edge”. I didn’t want to make a fancy edging, because i thought it wouldn’t look good with a simple blanket. So i kept it simple. It’s in bright colors, i tried not to make too girly :teehee:. Sorry for the blurry pics, they were taken with my cell phone.

close-up on the ruffle:

That’s how the WS looked after i weaved the ends:

It’s so bright and colorful! You did great and LOVE the ruffle!

I love the ruffle too, and you just gave me a great idea for some odds and ends skeins of baby soft yarns that I have.:wink:

It turned out wonderful!!

:yay: Great job!! I love the ruffle :inlove:

LOVELY WORK . :slight_smile:

Wow…you really did a great job on that! Even the WS looks pretty…:yay:

Beautiful! The colors are so pretty and the ruffle adds a little extra touch to it.

Thank you for your encouragement :hug: I thought that i must add a ruffle, since i had such a great book of finishing techniques :teehee:

That looks great, I’m sure they’ll love it.

I think it will be perfect to throw over the car seat or stroller. Great job!

I love it. I have tons of odd stash yarn, I would like to try to make one or a few for our cabin (that is if the pattern is easy enough). Where did you get the pattern?

I got the inspiration from the Mason-Dixon pattern, i saw FO’s here. But it’s really simple - you knit a square or better rectangle in garter stitch. Then you pick the stitches from one side and knit a certain amount of rows in garter stitch. Bind off and pick up the stitches from next side of the rectangle counter clockwise and so on. I hope it’s clear :??

Very nice, neat work! The back looks just a nice as the front!
Very colorful! It will be treasured! :thumbsup: