Elf stocking pattern!

I found these adorable “elf” stockings at Anthropologie and have been desperatly searching the web to locate a pattern. My search has proved fruitless and I have joined this forum in an attempt to end my desperate search and one day knit these unique stockings. Any help would be appreciated!

I have attatched pictures of these stocking to this post :slight_smile:

Those are really cute!

I have no idea how to knit those, but I know there is a bootie with an elf type curled toe in Zoe Mellors "50 Baby Bootees to Knit " Maybe if you found a pattern that gives you an idea on the curled toe, you could then just knit a basic sock shape with a flare at the top?

Hmmm… . if I ever catch up on other things I might be tempted to try and come up with some kind of elf stocking pattern.

Mama Bear

In the book Weekend Knitting there’s a pattern for children’s slippers like this, and they include a pattern for a larger christmas stocking as well.

I LOVE those!!! to cute… so where do you find a patern?
Vanessa :muah:

I need to learn how to knit socks just to make these!


I can’t seem to get the english version to work but I have this saved on my computer:

elf sock pattern
my favorite babysocks and booties are very easy to make using any standard circ. knit sock-pattern. Felted or not, tiny or huge, this toe will make any sock look elvish.

pictured above, roll top socks with short row heel and elf sock toes.

Simply adjust any sockpattern at the toes using these instructions:
divide the number of stitches on your needles equally in 2 where you would usually start your toe decrease. You will be working with a bottom half and an upper half from now on. Markers between each half will help you keep count.
I find that putting them on 4 dpns is easier than working with 2 circs.
This pattern works for any yarn, any gauge and any size as long as there is an even number of stitches (preferably dividable by 4) remaining on the needle just before the toe decrease.
The basic trick is to make the bottom half much longer than the top half, thereby making the toe curl while decreasing into a point. Short rows are used to achieve this effect.
Using any number of stitches devided equally between the 2 halves:
Knit to end of the bottom half.
Wrap and turn, purl to end of bottom half,
wrap and turn, knit to end of bottom half.
K2tog (first 2 stitches of top half), knit to last2 stitches, SSK
SSK (first 2 stitches of bottom half), knit to last 2 stitches, K2tog, wrap and turn.
Purl all remaining stitches of bottom half, wrap and turn.
Knit to end.of bottom half

Repeat between * and * until there are 6 or less stitches remaining. Knit together all remaining stitches and weave in the end.

I got Weekend Knitting from the library so I could make one of those elf stockings, but I can’t find the yarn they used. It’s GGH Fantastica and GGH Naturwolle. The resources in the back of the book says that muenchyarns.com has them, but they’re not listed on their website. I’m currently using Wool-Ease Thick N Quick for another project, and it would be great for the stocking, but I don’t like any of the colors. Does anyone know where I can get either the GGH or a comparable yarn? It’s got to be super bulky and knit up pretty stiff.