Elephant's pool party

Thought you’d like a good laugh today! This will do it! :thumbsup:


Wish I could join those two babies. I haven’t had time to look for a very simlar video that I saw on our local news. I’m pretty sure the site, pool and elephants are the same(there was just one baby) but the pool didn’t have enough water and no matter what the baby did he just dumped more water out of the pool and couldn’t really ‘get down’ at all. If I can find it later I’ll let you know.

Meantime: a little chuckle taken from your subject.
Do you know why the breeding of elephants is so like the business decisions of CEO’S of corporate America? . . .

Everything of importance happens at a very high level!!!

Love it, that is too cute

They splash almost as much as my 9yr old and 3 yr old.

I loved when the elephant gets out, tries to get back in, and just plops down on his side like no big deal! I want to give these big babies a hug.