Eleanor in Scarf Style

Has anyone priced the yarn for Eleanor that is in the Scarf Style book? I got on the website and it would cost $270 to make it like in the scarf!!! Does this mean I am a cheapo knitter since I won’t pay that much for it? I love the pattern but not $270 worth of love. :lol: I think I am going to try it in a different yarn and smaller.


Were you pricing the recommended yarn, or just something of the same weight? Yikes, that is too expensive for me! Especially for something like that - I like entrelac and all, but I don’t think I could stand doing that pattern. It’s HUGE!

That pattern is on my ‘Very Favorite Thing to Knit’ list which means…I have to practice, practice knitting entrelac technique, then practice some more. Then think about it for a long time…while thinking about it I will be saving the $ for the yarn which will more than likely be my new fave, SWTC’s Karaoke yarn, it will still be pricey…but not as pricey as the yarn used in the book. I LOVE that book!!! I have ‘ruffles,’ ‘backyard leaves’ and the reversible cable scarf all on my to do list. The reversible cable is for Lonnie & will be done with the very yummy SWTC phoenix yarn which is 100% soy silk. The other 2 are for me & will (hopefully) have matching accessories to go with…yarn is here & waiting…knitpicks merino style in petal for Ruffles ensemble & WOTA in fern for backyard leaves ensemble :D!! I’ve had the book FOREVER, but have been busy knitting for others while making my very long project list of accessories for me & Lonnie, several from Scarf Style as I’ve said…this book ROCKS!!! Eleanor is my very fave pattern in the book, too…one day :wink:

I was just curious about the yarn that they used so I looked it up on the internet. I so love that pattern. I am going to do Misty Garden for my SIL that is awesome and I want to do the Braided Mischief and the Eleanor for myself. I would have to make Eleanor smaller I don’t really want to wear an afghan around. :lol:

I thought I might try it in Bernat Denim Style Pink, Gray, or Navy Blue. Who knows?? I got some Red Heart Symphony in Redwood to make Misty Garden today. Hopefully I will get started on it this weekend sometime.