Elbow hurts

I’m hoping someone here will have some good advice for this. Last week I had the chance to knit way more than normal. The next day my right elbow hurt. It still hurts off and on now when I bend it, usually while knitting or on the computer. I’ve been trying to give it rest, but it is still bothering me.
Has this happend to anyone else here?
What should I do for my elbow?

You’ve overstrained your muscles. Don’t knit for long periods of time, take breaks and stretch your arms, hand, wrists. Hold your arms straight out in front of you, palms down and rotate your arms, bringing palms up. Do this slowly so you feel the stretch and hold them in palm up position for a bit. You might try rubbing your upper arm just above the elbow; you’ll probably feel tender or sore spots. Massage them gently, and use something like Tiger Balm or Icy hot on them to relieve stiffness.

Thanks. You really think its the muscles? It’s only the elbow that hurts. It doesn’t feel like when I’ve been excersizing.

It could be the tendon. When you use the computer and when you knit, you should try to keep your elbows at a 90 degree (or greater) angle. This keeps them relaxed.

Also, I’d take a break from knitting for at least a day or two, and pop some sort of anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.)

Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. I just raised the chair by the computer so my arms would not be bent as much.

My left elbow hurt a couple of months ago … I could knit but lifting anything hurt lots. I poked and felt around until I found the spot that was hurting most and then just rubbed it out … massage therapist told me to. Pain all gone. If you can find the very specific spot hurting, chances are it is an inflamed tendon or bursa. And also try rubbing the spot with ice.

Keeping the elbows bent for long periods of time, even at a 90 degree angle, still puts stress on the muscles and tendons above it. Try to take breaks from that position as frequently as you can, and the other suggestions are good too - rubbing, ice, stretches…