Elastic yarn...anyone?

I’ve been looking for the perfect yarn for the perfect top, a lovely summer strapless top. Obviously some elastic is in order then! I came accross Cascade Fixation yarns and i was over the moon! It is 98.3% cotton / 1.7% elastic and comes in every colour and mix possible! However this is an american company and i can’t find it anywhere in the UK! Has anyone come accross similar yarn that maybe i can substitute? Or even better has anyone found where i can get this yarn in the UK!?!?

try… lana grossa elastico… i believe you can get it in europe…

Well MsCarmen~
Thanks for posting I didn’t even know that yarn could be elasticized~! :??

Had to make a mental note on that one~! :thumbsup:

Knit picks had elastic sock yarn at one point. I found elasticized yarn to be a royal PITA. But it mad a great pair of socks

ok so maybe too much hassle? Do you think it would be easier to just go for 100% wool then? OR!! I read somewhere on the internet you just get some “rainbow elastic” and carry it along the WS of knitting. Problem is I haven’t got a clue what rainbow elastic is, it must be an American thing?
I think this method of carrying elastic at the back may be easier than finding some elasticated wool don’t you think? So how do i get my hands on this rainbow elastic?.. :??


Get Knitted - UK company in Bristol. Very quick shippers … :cheering:

That is some nice looking yarn. Too bad I’m not in the UK lol or I’d order some. I like the peachy color.

Thanks a lot Amanda! Have emailed them to see if they have other colours in stock… hope they get back to me with a YES!!