Elastic in baby pants

I am making long pants and it is made in two pieces. There is not much shaping.

Finishing says to sew center front and back seams from top of waistband to marker. sew inseam. Cut elastic 1" more than desired waist measurement overlapping ends 1/2 " sew firmly in a circle. Place elastic along wrong side of waistband , fold waistband to inside and sew in place, being careful not to catch elastic

Once you sew the elastic in a circle and put it over the waistband how do you sew the band over when the elastic is gathering it? Is there a easier way of doing this?

well, it does gather up a bit, you just smooth it out as you go. The other way to do this is to sew the casing of the pants first. (fold down the waistband wide enough to put your elastic throught) and sew it down, leaving an opening near one seam. Then, pin a safety pin to one end of the elastic and run it through the casing until you get back to the opening. Securely sew the two ends of the elastic together, then sew the casing opening closed.

I hope that made sense- I can try again if it doesn’t.

Thank you, it made a lot of sense. :hug: