Elann's "sneak peek"

Has anybody seen Elann’s “sneak peek” page? I am in LOVE!!! :inlove: I really liked the “Needful Yarns Filtes King Extra Stampato”, but boy, when I saw that “Araucania Copihue”, the whole world stopped, and it was love at first sight!!! :drool: I just love the color combinations and the way the dyes just meld into each other, and the fact that it’s yummy and soft alpaca, well, doesn’t that say it all???

OH YUMMY! This is my favorite for [B]Araucania Copihue![/B]
What great yarn! 100% Super Fine Alpaca

It would cost me about $110 for enough yardage for a sweater. Maybe about 33 skeins! :eyes: They only have 48 yards each.

So, back to the drawing board. Maybe a nice hat and scarf instead?
14st=4" is a nice fat gauge! :thumbsup:

These are my 2 favorite colors in the [B]Needful Yarns Filtes King Extra Stampato…[/B]100% Australian Merino, Shrink Resistant. (18 st/4 inches) WOW! Also a great yarn! 99 yds per skein. A sweater would cost me about $40! Sweet!

Thanks for the link!!! I love Elann. It is a dangerous website to visit! Dangerous to the wallet, I mean! :teehee:

I bought some Araucania Ranco Multi and it was not they way it looked on the picture. I was disappointed, although I could have sent it back. It was still pretty, but it didn’t have the orangey color melted in it like the picture.

I would also like to tell you if you’re thinking of ordering from Elann that they are fantastic. I just ordered some wool on the 28th, it was shipped on the 29th and I got it today! Woo! :yay:

That’s great to hear because I am thinking of ordering some from them this next payday!!! That seals the deal!:woohoo: