I didn’t realize how EXCELLENT their prices are until now! (Never really checked them out before now! :doh: ) In random browsing, I saw several luscious yarns in the $2.50-$3.50 range. I’m in awe! :shock:

I’m proud to announce that Elann is now a major advertiser here. :happydance: In fact they are my first official Video Sponsor.

I’ve got another major advertiser coming up this week, another very pleasant surprise, stay tuned! :eyebrow:

But Amy. I love elann. And it’s killing me. You saw what I bought! I think I need to go look at my new yarn to remind myself. And my MC bill.

Just think of how much happiness and peaceful knitting time each skein of yarn brings to your life. :angelgrin:

(Do I get an award for being such a good enabler? :lol: )

[size=2]Spend, Ingrid, Spend!! Bwaaahaaahaaa. (evil laugh.)[/size]

I too am an elann lover–and of course, I KnitPicks too! I got my little 5 inch Bryspuns for sock knitting for less than $6 a set of 5!! I was extremely happy with everything I’ve ordered there–and they also have swaps too, if you’ve never looked there!! It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN to shop for yarn–but I. MUST.NOT. SHOP. FOR. ANYTHING. NOW. :frowning:

But see you people MUST buy yarn and post pretty pics of it here so that I may live vicariously through your yarn purchases! Needing yarn fix… :roflhard:

Elann’s great! :cheering: I subscribed last year to the samples and was given the sample subscription again this year. I like how subscriptions and book purchases are paid back in credits. I’ve had a lot of fun buying yarns I never would have been able to afford elsewhere.

I’m glad they’re one of your sponsors - I’ll have to click through to them from here next time I place an order. :wink:

A friend told me about Elann last year right after I learned to knit. I’ve gotten beautiful yarn (and great service) from them! :thumbsup:

Hooray! I love elann too. :inlove:

I have a question about the sample subscription…what do you do with the small amounts of yarn? See if you like them so you can buy more, or knit tiny things? Maybe there is more yarn than I realize. Do tell!

Glad I caught this thread! Suddenly, the videos appeared quite differently than they had before and I didn’t understand why!

Yay for Elann! I’ve never ordered from them. Now I must! (Like I need any excuse for such a thing…)

I was waiting to reply until I could take some pics or measure. It was too dark today for pics, but I measured the aran wt yarn sample and it was over 9 yds. The yarns that go on sale on Tuesdays are the ones they send the samples of at the beginning of the month. They also have a free color flyer about the Tuesday yarns, but if you buy the sample skein subscription or the color card subscription, the flyer will also include 3" color snips of the yarns.

So far I’ve knitted some of the little skeins into swatches to see if I like the yarns enough to buy. Sometimes I even wash and air dry them. Helpful because my mom said she didn’t like the smell of alpaca! It’s been really worth it to me because I started off not knowing much about yarn and playing with the samples has educated me a little more than fondling them at the store. It’s been hard not to buy too much, but I manage. :smiley:

I had planned on eventually making a scrapy scarf or purse, but haven’t yet - except in my mind! I’ll try and post a picture when I get a little sun.


edited to add that Elann sometimes sneakily adds new yarns on days other than Tuesdays, but the subscriptions don’t include those. You have to keep checking ‘sneak peek’ on the home page.

:oops: It’s taken me 3 months to get pics up. Gawd, I can procrastinate!

Anyway here is the April Elann Newsletter. If anyone wants to see a pic of one of the mini-hanks knitted up, let me know.

The first Tuesday yarn is the Rowan Cotton Tape, a soft chain tape. Strong colors, but not too bright - they are very slightly toned down. Color reproduction is probably better at www.elann.com

I have NO affiliation with elann - just a happy customer, who has spent way too much in the past and is sharing so y’all go buy it up so I can’t. :wink:

On Tues. 4/11, Scholler Stahl Portofino goes on sale and I am REALLY tempted by this one. The price is great. The colors are beautiful. I think I will be knitting up this mini skein to see how it looks. It’s so lightweight and fluffy and soft! :heart: Damn you elann!

On Tues. 4/18, some very shiny & bright Online Linie 114 - Space will go on sale. :sunglasses: Very pretty, variegated.

And lastly on 4/25 Scholler Stahl Lerici Color will go on sale. Seems like a good price. Heathery variegated, soft, but non-stretchy. :XX:

See color snips above - but they are too small to show the entire color range within a single skein.

Pretty colors!! :inlove: