Elann dot com

Oh my goddess they have some nice stuff on sale!!!




:inlove: The prices are amazing there! I got the newsletter and I was :drooling: over it! I have yet to try it, but I think I NEED to!

Look at this! Alpaca Cahmere! 2.98 a skein!


:inlove: :inlove: Ooooo! That is so soft looking! I’m not real good with those tiny, thin yarns yet, but wouldn’t those make yummy socks…or anything for that matter! :inlove:

Soooooooooo YUM!

I have a “wish list” for there and it’s over $100! :o Now I just need to find the $$ to order it all, and projects to make with it. :roflhard:

I managed not to buy anything from there this month. It was hard. They are a great resourse, and I’ve never had a bit of problems with them. My only concern, and I’m having one now, is that if you buy one of their sale items, and need more, it may not be available anymore.

I ordered some of the Sonota to do Soleil from Knitty for my sister; it’s a very soft, yummy yarn :thumbsup:

Gotta love elann!!!