Eiffel Tower Scarf

On of my designs… I’m attempting to get this one published. :slight_smile: I made this in about 2 1/2 hours. It’s about 4’ long and about 4" wide on the narrow part, but these are only guesstimates. It’s all crochet, and it’s done in Peaches and Cream (some I bought on sale a few weeks ago. And part of a cone of Ecru. :D)

It’s beautiful! Is that broomstick lace?

Yes, it is. I’ve never done anything with broomstick lace before… But I was reading some stuff about it, checked it out and I was inspired! I actaully used a broomstick for it. :teehee: A size 50 knitting needle would work too tho… we moved 6 months ago, and I’ve not had my own room since (shared with all my siblings) and so not all of my knitting supplies have been unpacked. And I was sick, so I didn’t want to go digging through my boxes in the barn. LOL

Very pretty!

that is really pretty, good job designing

:inlove: Oh, that’s lovely. Great job. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!!! :yay:

very pretty!!

That’s very pretty; inspired, even.

BTW, did you ever get my last PM? You said you’ve been sick, so don’t worry about it now, just let me know sometime.

Yes, I did get your PM Deb, sorry. I was off for quite a whjile and this is my first day really being back online and everything. I read it, things got crazy and I forgot to let you know. I’ll PM you later. :smiley:

Thanks everyone!!!

Very pretty!

Thanks everyone!

So, how, iyo, could I improve the visual appeal?

Very very very nice!!! Drop stitch knitting is very hard for me! I admire your work!!!

You shouldn’t have any difficulty getting that pattern published. That’s a beauty.

:yay: Very pretty!!