Eek! LOL

There’s nothing like looking up from your cleaning to see your current knitting project disappearing around the corner in the hands of a 20 month old boy!!!

Was kind of cute though. He loves to put the yarn up to his face and rub it on his cheek to feel how “soft” it is. Did I mention my current project has Mohair in it?!?! I caught up to him by following the trail of yarn that he left behind him. Whew!!

Oh, you got lucky. My 2.5yo decided that she wanted to make a ball while mommy was in the shower the other morning, and I came out to a sock Iw as doing being completely gone and some weird messy ball of yarn in her lap with a big grin on her face. :lol: (she now has her own little ball of yarn and plastic needles to have fun with.)

Yowch, YM that sounds painful. Jade wrapped about 4 balls of yarn around my office chair (it spins) and I ended up having to cut it. She’s EVIL! j/k

What’s worse is finding your knitting half gone, as well as your bamboo needles chewed & no longer smooth, by a 9 month old chihuahua!

Howie is just TOO CUTE!!!

The Chihuahua was the “#1 Most Extreme Super Dog” on Animal Planet last night!!!

So Howie is a Super Dog! You have to make a sweater with big “S” in the center for him. You could attempt blue doggy tights, but somehow, I don’t think that will go over too well. :lol:

OMG, what stories!

And what a cute doggie!!!


Thank you, thank you! He’s a VERY good puppy, just doesnt understand why I knit instead of constantly cuddling with him!

Unfortunately, boy dogs cant really wear tights…

I AM planning on making him a sweater eventually. Im working my way up to sweater from scarf, purse, hat, baby booties… trying to increase my newly-developed knitting skills as I go. :slight_smile:

I think Ill create a thread for sweater pattern advice!

I agree with ekgheiy, he is just TOO CUTE!!!

I come home from work often to yarn strung around every chair, table, and furniture leg in the house, courtesy of my kitties. Now they’ve learned to open my yarn basket. But they’re cute, so how can I resist? (This pic is pre-lard butt stage for the orange cat, but if you look at the other pic I posted here, you can see that he’s grown into his ears by this time… check out my homemade curtains!)

Oh Hilde, LOVE the curtains!! Sunflowers are my favorite :smiley: When I was 14 I stenciled my side of the room sunflowers and birds. Then my little brother was soon to be born so I stenciled carousel horses on his side by the crib.

Kelly, I LOVE the puppy!! Reminds me I need to change my avatar one of these days to a pic of my new dog Lucy. She’s a black lab my BF adopted Valentines weekend…suprised us all :smiley:

PRETTY PRETTY kitties, Hilde!!! LOVE those curtains…NICE bright colors!

Howie thanks you for the compliment, Jive…there is a pic of my other 2 (well, 3 if you count DH) on my intro post.


Howie… meet Willow.

She too destroyed a pair of bamboo needles and a baby sweater I was knitting. It was the first thing she ever chewed after I got her – so it was almost adorable in a “look what my smart puppy did” kinda way.

Since then, she’s gotten more used to Mom’s knitting… she insists on sleeping next to me on the couch while the end of my left needle bonks her on the head with every stitch. knit-bonk-purl-bonk.

Dog, cats, kids… what would we do without 'em!