Eeek! my first intarsia!

ok, IM making DD a poncho and want to incorporate a simply star on the back ad Ive found a pattern, have worked my pattern for the poncho to the point where I want to start the chart for the star…do I simply start carrying my second color along on the first stich and leave enogh tail to weave in later???

Did that make sense?:shock:

Are you working back and forth? You’ll run into trouble if you try to knit it in the round.

There is a thread on intarsia in the round recently, so if you want to check that out, there are some hints.

Otherwise, if you’re working back and forth, you’ll work with your main color up to the star, then knit with your contrasting color, and start a new ball of main color for the other side of the star. For the first stitch, you’ll have a tail to weave in, but after that just hold the color you’re no longer using over to the left and bring the new color up from under it. You’ll avoid holes. has a good link to intarsia knitting in it’s instruction section.

HI Ingrid, thanks for the link…

Im not really sure if its intarsia…now to think about it…The start will be solid in one color …but I am knitting flat :thumbsup: I just cant figure out how to get my yarn to carry the other one so that when its time to change back to the other color its in the right place…:?? Do I need to carry my second color from the beginning of the row, or add it in on my first stitch of the star and then carry the other along and switch and so forth?? :??

For example, my heart( i changed my mind due to size issues)
is 31 stitches wide at the widest point and my poncho back is 72 stitches at its widest, so my first stitch will be placed at stich number 58( 72(poncho stitch wide)-31(widthofheart)=41, 41+17(smallest point of chart)=58(stich I should make “point of heart”))

You don’t carry yarn with intarsia, which the heart is.

You’ll knit with your mc up to the heart, knit with the heart color, then switch back to your mc when you finish the heart stitches. You’ll have 3 balls of yarn to work with. When you’re done with the heart section, then you go back to knitting with the mc only.

The main thing is to twist your yarns when you switch color to avoid a hole. Hold the yarn you’re ending over to the left, and bring the color you’re changing to up from under it.

When you purl back, the yarn will be at the right place for that.