Eeek! Mh Harmony Options size 10 interchangeable just fell apart

The needle just came out of the silver connector part. Please tell me they will replace them.

They will—call them on Monday.

Give them a call. You will have a new needle in no time. They are really great on customer service.

And while you are waiting for the new ones Knitpicks will obligingly send you, use a little super glue or gorilla glue and stick them back together. They will be as good as new.

I had a similar problem and emailed customer service. The join between the needle tip and male connector is rough and will turn causing snags. I’m hoping they will help cause I just love my options Harmonies!!!

one of my cables came out of the metal bit and I put on a bit of superglue and have had no problems since. worked like a charm.

I would still call them and get them to replace, but you can probably also fix the one you have and keep as a spare.

Their customer service is fantastic. A replacement was in the mail the same day when I had a problem. They didn’t even want me to return the bad needle, so no postage!

One of mine came apart and I was wondering if they’d still give me a replacement even tho I’ve had mine awhile?

yes they replace them all
never had an issue, except once my daughter “saved” one of my good needles from the trash and put it awaty in my case
I went to use it, and was confused how I had more needles in that size then the others

she is a sweet kid

[COLOR=blue]They have wonderful customer service :woot: … it has happened to 3 of my interchangable cables. I have stopped calling and just fixed them with super glue lol. The only problem with doing this is not being able to get the cable all the way into the metal part - so there is a bit of a bump. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]sebago, me[/COLOR]

I’d like to say that while they are super slow responding to e-mail comments, they are super fast and friendly responding to phone calls.

Four of my harmony needle tips came unglued (size 4, size 7, size 10, and size 15) and one of my 24" cables came unglued, and the zipper for the accessory bag broke after one zip. They are replacing all and shipping tomorrow, and I don’t ship anything back.

I am a very satisfied customer.