"Edith's Baby Blanket" Question

Hi Everyone! This is my first time at this site and hope that someone can answer my question.
I watched Knit One, Purl One the other day and loved the baby blanket that was made called Edith’s Baby Blanket. I would love to make it however when you go into the instructions on her site the yarn is called Sidar’s Chatterbox Yarn from England. Does anyone out there know what kind of yarn I can use that I can buy here in the states?

It’s Sirdar Chatterbox–I did a search and found lots of sources. Just Google it. I only checked because I know that there is a Sirdar yarn. Don’t know much about the chatterbox part, though.

Thank you Ingrid for the response, I appreciate it.

Yes I found the sites for the yarn but find nothing that says Chatterbox or to find the yarn that she uses in the pattern with the #'s that she has listed for each color. :






I don’t know what colors they have, but these folks seem to carry it.

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The pattern is for a baby blanket however I want to make it an adult size. It’s a fan and feather pattern and you use a marker every 17 stitches to make the pattern. Can anyone help tell me how many more of those 17 stitch increments I would add to make it for an adult?
The pattern starts with 106 stitches and 11 needles. Can anyone help?

See what the gauge is in the pattern. Let’s say its 5 stitches per inch. Multiply that by how wide you want your blanket to see how many stitches across you’ll need for the width you want.