Edit: ribbing at bottom of sweater: how to measure

Hi! I’m finally going to make a sweater! I know Amy mentioned this once about a hat I was making, but I want a k2, p2 ribbing at the bottom of a sweater (being made with super soft Peruvian Alpaca Tweed)

so I’m casting on (knitted on) but I’m wondering if I should be using
SMALLER needles. ? Because it will be stretchy?

I’m using size 7 even though the pattern says size 8 because I like my wooden size 7 needles, I knit loose and got the guage.

Should I be using size 6 for the ribbing though? help I really want to get going on this today! Thanks…

Every sweater I’ve knitted has had needles 1-2 sizes smaller for the ribbing.

Thanks Ingrid! Yeah I did some research and found that to be true.

The problem now is it looks way too little. I did about 3 inches of ribbing and it only measures to 14" not stretched, and about 16" or a bit more when stretched. I cast on 78 stitches with size 5 and man oh man I guess I have to rip it coz it seems it’s too small. Should be about 20" or 18" wide. Even though it’s rib. Does that sound right?

I guess I should rip it huh? Thanks for your help.


Well, it’s confusing when you haven’t knitted sweaters. I knit one 10 years ago but that’s it.

I found this site which isn’t as helpful as I wanted because it doesn’t mention waist measurements. And what if you want the sweater to come down to around your hips?

This whole ease thing is tricky when it’s ribbing isn’t it?
Like I measured a sweater I like and it was 20" across the front.
40" around. But would I want my ribbing with this stretchy Peruvian alpaca to be that big? I don’t think so.



I’d think you’d want it a bit stretched around the hips, but not all the way out.